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domingo, octubre 05, 2008

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-->> ..goodbye, my old friend..

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miércoles, septiembre 24, 2008

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domingo, septiembre 21, 2008

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lunes, septiembre 15, 2008

see london, originally uploaded by SpacePotato.

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viernes, septiembre 12, 2008

Palin Comparison, originally uploaded by The Searcher.

-->> .. Palin terrifies me ..

in a recent conversation with GW regarding McCain's V.P. pick .. ::

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"She's genuinely a religious whack job. No doubt.
Okay, a couple Really Cool Things:
--> McCain's phony "outrage" over Obama's "lipstick on a pig" remark totally lost all importance with the YouTube videos of McCain in a speech a few months back referring to Hillary's new health care plan as looking a lot like her old health care plan but they just "put lipstick the pig." He's apparently used that phrase more than once and now people know it.
--> CNN did the math and on the "most trusted news source" in America demonstrated on a national television that Obama's tax plan *will* cut taxes for middle and lower income families and only increase the those making over $252,000 by something like $12. McCain's on the other hand, will decrease the taxes on the highest income brackets by over $7,000 and hardly anything for lower incomes-- just like Obama has been saying and McCain has been *lying* about. Only Obama just got backed up by CNN.
Here's the link: http://money.cnn.com/2008/06/11/news/economy/candidates_taxproposals_tpc/index.htm
--> AND the debates are coming. Palin-paloosa has given McCain a good bump, but most polls show Obama still leading. The Repubs are *loving* the attention she's been getting cuz it takes the focus off the issues and the reality that they don't actually *have* a freakin' platform beyond shouting slogans and telling lies. But unless Palin comes up with an even *more* shocking revelation to distract Moron America (maybe Piper is actually Sasquatch's love child...?) then the hoopla is gonna fade."

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Corny-Snaps, originally uploaded by poptartsbox.

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jueves, septiembre 11, 2008

-->> As posted by S.R. Bissette ::

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“This is a God Thing”Sarah Palin’s straight talk, no media distortions. This’ll float your boat…">Another 9/11 note: “This is a God Thing”Sarah Palin’s straight talk, no media distortions. This’ll float your boat…

September 11th, 2008

Sarah Palin speaks to the Wasilla Assembly of God Church — click the link below — working to make sure “God’s will be done here.” Give it the 14 minutes, folks. The war is a “a task that is from God,” don’t you know. “That plan is God’s plan.”

You may find this moving in terms of personal beliefs; admirable in a Christian mother; essential in a theocracy; but its undeniably madness in a Vice President or high government figure in a pluralist democracy.

  • “God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies in getting that gas line built…”
  • This link has been circulating via emails as a way of rallying supporters.

    And it’s working.

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    09112008 - 3 toed
    09112008 - 3 toed

    "It's raining my soul, it's raining, but it's raining dead eyes."
    -- Guillaume Apollinaire

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    miércoles, septiembre 10, 2008
    -->> ..had this f7cking blog for eons.

    Code has always been a b8tch. Mike recommended i kill the I frame and just set it up on one page.

    Been meaning to get to it for months ..but never finished the job.

    I'll try to make the blog readable soon.

    ..i'll work on it later after work.


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